Did you know that in recent years the skills of emotional intelligence are considered the basis of intellectuality? A person who knows how to be emotionally intelligent has the ingredients to succeed. I consider myself a person with this characteristic. In the last few years I have stopped focusing on what I do well and focused on my shortcomings. I think the way to succeed is to look at what I do wrong to improve it and grow as a person and professional. Companies need workers who know how to transmit their emotions, who can spread new ideas and positivism. I meet these qualities, I am also a creative person and likes to expose their ideas like listening to others. In the sports sector, emotional intelligence plays a very important role. A sportsman has his physicist, but above all with his mind. That’s why my aptitudes are ideal for the sport sector, transmitting passion, love, and what I feel when I practice it or present it is motivating for the people around me.


Jordi G.

«Technician of Markerting and Advertising»